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Have kids will travel? Here are some handy tips for prepping for health-related emergencies.

Have Kids Will Travel

So you’ve booked your flights and bought travel insurance for your long-awaited family holiday – yay! But before you pack all 1232425 bags, take a moment to think about how you can keep your family safe and well throughout the trip. Being sick on a holiday could be an awful experience, especially when you don’t know the local area well, or how great the health facilities might be. HoneyKids recently had a chat with Dr. Dex Khor of CHI Healthcare about how to prep and plan for any health-related emergency that might happen while you’re overseas.

Get vaccinated!

The most important thing you can do is to get vaccinated. Some countries require yellow fever vaccines just to get a visa, but, depending on your destination and what you intend to do there, it is worth considering typhoid and Hepatitis A vaccines, as well as malaria prevention tablets. Try to get all these sorted at least two weeks before you jet off, and speak to a doctor about what you need.

Have a good supply of regular medications at the ready

Members of the family with conditions that require regular medication such as high blood pressure should bring along more than needed, just in case of travel delays. It can be useful to bring along a doctor’s note explaining the need for these medications, especially if you need to carry on medications with needles, such as insulin or Epipens on board planes.

Travel medications and first aid

If you’re prone to motion sickness or altitude sickness, don’t forget to stock up on anti-nausea pills. It’s always a good idea to also bring along meds for aches, pains and traveller’s diarrhoea. If you can, consult your doctor first, and even more so if you are travelling with children. Pack all your medications in a separate pouch, especially liquid medications, for easy inspection at airports. A small first aid kit containing plasters, dressings and alcohol hand rub could also come in handy.

Your contingency plan: sorted!

Now that you’ve planned your itinerary, it would be helpful to research the closest hospitals and clinics with the language capability to help you. These will get harder to find the further you travel from the big cities. If nothing else, keep the contact number of your local consulate with you. The best concierges can manage this, but your typical Airbnb won't...

Travelling with young kids?

Travelling with little ones means you really need to sort all the logistics ahead of time. Children often fall sick on trips because their immune systems aren’t developed yet. The most important meds to bring? Fever and antihistamine syrups – and don’t forget to bring the syringes! They make it much easier to serve doses, whether it be on the plane or in a small hotel room. Don’t forget to bring the good old saline nasal sprays to unclog tiny noses on long flights too. Make sure the kids always have their own water bottles topped up with water from a trusted source.

The trip

The best thing about preparing and planning before you get busy with your vacay is being able to relax and just let the good times roll. You’ve done all the planning, now it’s time to chill. Complete Health International can help you with any of your pre-travel enquiries, whether it be vaccinations or for special Travel Packs. Call CHI for an appointment and to get that peace of mind you need for a family holiday with kids.

Dr Dex Khor (MBBS London, MRCPCH UK) of Complete Healthcare International graduated from University College London in 1999. He is also a Member of Royal College of Paediatricians and Child Health. Dr Dex worked for six years in children’s hospitals in the UK, including the Evelina London Children’s Hospital and John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford, before returning to work in KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Singapore. He is also a part time lecturer with Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore. Dr Dex speaks English and Mandarin.

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