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Just Arrived on Orchard Road: Complete Healthcare International Brings Health & Wellness Under One Roof

By Dr Colin Koh
Just Arrived

The best way to treat illness? Prevent it! Find out more about preventive medicine at Complete Healthcare International (CHI)’s new Orchard Road clinic.

We’ve long been fans of Complete Healthcare International (CHI) and their multidisciplinary approach to family medicine, which includes everything from GPs and a Well Baby Clinic to travel health and nutritional and functional medicine (in other words, everything a family in Singapore could possibly want from their healthcare!).

Now patients can receive even more remarkable care as CHI has relocated to Orchard Road! With this move to the AsiaMedic clinic, diagnosis, treatment, care, management and health promotion will all be brought together under one roof. What’s more, CHI can now cater to an unmet demand for holistic, family-based care in a single location – without the needs for lengthy waiting times or referrals. Sounds good to us!

For just one example of the kind of thoughtful, quality care that CHI’s expert team of international doctors provides, read on as Dr. Colin Koh explains why preventive screening really is the best medicine.

What is preventive health screening?

Preventive health screening needs to be personalised to be useful. Today most health screenings are aimed at detecting already existing or asymptomatic diseases. Real prevention focuses not only on early disease detection, but managing the risk of potential diseases. The analysis of results goes beyond normal blood test results, to seeking optimal information before discomfort or other symptoms set in.

Preventive Health Screening

Who should consider a preventive health screening?

Everyone should have at least one basic health screening before the age of 30 years to establish youthful baselines that will serve as personalised benchmarks of wellness in the future. These early personalised health KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are often influenced by lifestyle interventions such as nutrition, exercise and stress management, well before medication becomes necessary. As we age and our rate of regeneration and repair slows, new tests such as tumour markers, hormone function, imaging of internal organs like the liver and kidney, colonoscopy or even functional tests like exercise ECG stress tests can be added to the list of baseline markers. This is true preventive medicine.

How often should screening be done?

The interval between repeat health screenings needs to be personalised according to one’s own lifestyle risks (smoking, alcohol intake and so on), genetics and the initial baseline markers. Intervals can range from every six months to every two years. Again, focused or targeted tests should be done accordingly.

Want to learn more, mama? Book in for an appointment with Complete Healthcare International at their new Orchard Road clinic today!

Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 5:30pm; Saturdays, 8:30am to 12:30pm; Closed Sundays and Public Holiday

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