Particularly during the tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-2021, healthcare is of the utmost importance. Complete Healthcare International clinic is dedicated to providing the general public with first-rate medical care access with its location being in Orchard Road which is one of the main shopping districts of central Singapore.

Chronic Pain Treatment

Acute & Chronic Disease Management

Acute illnesses care is not about addressing only the symptoms, but the ability to delve into the root cause for a speedy and accurate diagnosis. . .

Chronic illness care needs to have a holistic approach, and requires a whole of body and environment approach of an individual that is personalised and integrated. This functional approach seeks to optimise current disease abnormalities and address future risks and complications.

Integrated Medicine at expat clinic Singapore

Integrated Medicine

This refers to the functional integration of nutrition, exercise, cardiometabolic health, gut health, stress and sleep hygiene. . ., and how they affect our overall wellbeing.

It explores the latest medical and scientific medical discoveries that point to potential areas of how medicine is approached in a whole of body and mind and environment perspective to optimising health and wellbeing.

We help you navigate your health, not only detecting illness, but optimising your wellness.

child's immunisation records

Infant/Child check-up & Vaccination

Keep track of your little ones' growth and development. Immunization is also important during well baby check-ups.

Counseling at Singapore expat clinic

Lactation Counselling

Breastfeeding is good for your little one, but it can be challenging at times. Discuss your concerns and questions with your doctor.

Family Planning at expatriate Clinic

Family Planning

Contraception helps individuals and couples to plan pregnancy ahead. Various methods are available.

Minor surgery at shaw house clinic

Minor Surgery

As a general clinic we provide a range of simple surgical procedures that include drainage of superficial abscess, removal of skin tags. . ., suturing cuts and removing ingrown toenails. We also have liquid nitrogen on site for cryosurgery of skin warts and skin lesions. In addition we carry out gentle ear wax removal.

Protect yourselves against viruses and illnesses while having fun abroad. Consult a doctor and get vaccinated now.