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After giving birth to their bundles of joy, many mothers often find themselves in unexpected trouble when breastfeeding and require some support


Breastfeeding a baby is a big area of concern for most mothers

While breastfeeding is healthy for moms and babies, it is much more challenging than what most women would expect. However, there are a lot you can do to prevent common problems with breastfeeding from arising and start your journey as a mother with a high note.

The first few days and weeks of breastfeeding are the most important. Once you get off to a good start, it is more likely that breastfeeding will be successful and continue for a longer period of time.

Common encounters for first-time mothers

  • Poor breast feeding latch
  • Milk supply issues
  • "I am exhausted." "I feel depressed." "I feel unsupported. "

How we can help

In AsiaMedic CHI, we offer these services to help mothers in need:

  1. Postpartum care
  2. Breastfeeding support
  3. Pediatric development
  4. Counseling (for patients with postpartum depression)

Our experienced team of medical professionals can also advise you on management strategies and proper breastfeeding techniques to help smoothen your breastfeeding process, so ask them during your visits to our clinic.

For enquiries, you may contact us at:
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