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The Day of Reconization & Commemorate Our Nurses


Nurses Day

Singapore, 1 August 2019, AsiaMedic Limited, is privileged to celebrate Nurses Day and paid tribute to all nurses in appreciation of their hard work and dedication.

Our nurses had an enjoyable evening spent after a hard day’s work. With most of them based in various locations island-wide, the evening was a cosy get-together session with nurses, doctors and colleagues all dressed up for the celebration. A tea-session followed by catwalk, cheers and laughter; all of us had an enjoyable time.

This special day was further elevated as the school nursing team was presented a gift token specially designed by the student ambassadors of Jurong West Secondary School. The message as written: “Thank you for all the care and concern you’ve shown towards all patients. Despite knowing that this field of work can be emotionally and mentally stressful, you chose to serve the community. Your hard work and sacrifices are greatly appreciated by us! Once again, thank you so much for the care and dedication!”

Once again, AsiaMedic wishes to thank all nurses for the work they do and the love showered towards our patients. Happy Nurses Day!