Symptoms & treatment for pink eye

It describes a symptom when your eye turns pink or red. This is most commonly caused by infection or allergies. In medical term, it is called conjunctivitis. It can also be due to other causes.

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What are the causes of pink eye?

The rash is created by the body’s release of histamines & other chemical messengers into the skin, in response to a trigger (allergen, infection, temperature change, or medication). The skin responds by opening up the blood vessels & releasing fluid into the tissues.

What are the symptoms of pink eye?

Should I see a doctor?

Yes. You should see a doctor to get it evaluated and treated, especially if there is no improvement in 3 days. Sometimes, it can be something more serious than simple infection or allergy.

Can pink eye spread to others?

Yes, if it is truly an infection. It is usually transmitted via contact, which means people can catch it from touching something that has been in contact with an infected person’s eye.


* Recently, there are a few eye infections reported amongst rugby players who were exposed to mud whilst playing at the Turf City and Dempsey fields. It might be due to a rare parasitic eye infection. Do let your doctor know if you have been in contact with soil or mud.

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